Member of the Month

Maggie Seto

Major: Accountng

Year: Sophomore
This is her second year with CSUF PBL! She is a bright individual who puts a smile on your face during every conversation that you have with her. She is extremely reliable and a great listener. She is thorough in participating during the interactive portions of PBL workshops and gets the most out of them. We are excited and can't wait to see what Maggie does in committees and conference this year!
Stacy Taing

Major: Accounting

Year: Sophomore
Stacy is an active member of CSUF PBL. She is a great asset to the Special Events and Fundraising Committee! She is dedicated and provides support in executing events that bring the CSUF chapter together. An all-around sweetheart, Stacy’s second year in PBL is off to a great start! Our chapter can’t wait to see Stacy’s work at upcoming conferences.
Sam Smith

Major: Finance

Year: Senior
Sam is a ray of sunshine. Not only does he remain positive through any situation, he also spreads the positiveness to the environments around him. He is extremely hard working and committed. His dedication to any responsibility that he takes on is admirable. CSUF PBL loves having such a positive role-model within our chapter!
Hoi Wong

Major: Accountng

Year: Junior
Hoi Wong has been selected as Member of the Month for February 2017. He has always demonstrated a passion for PBL, one that few can match. He is constantly looking for ways to get involved and help others rise. "I want CSUF PBL to succeed and for as many people as possible to become national champions!" Hoi mentioned. Hoi has made a big impact helping others become adjusted to his classes, PBL, and CSUF. Hoi enjoys playing video games, networking on campus, and being random. Don't we all?
Itzayana Leal

Major: Marketing

Year: Senior
Our Member of the Month for March is....Itzayana Leal!! Itzy has been making an impact at CSUF PBL by getting involved in the marketing committee and taking up various leadership roles. She has demonstrated that she has what it takes to be a future business leader! Congratulations from all of our Fambda!!